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Welcome! This site will be going through and testing every gold site and rating them as how well the transaction of buying WoW gold goes. I will rate them myself and also would like feed back from other people that have bought gold from the same companies. Also I will be posting great ideas on how to farm your own gold and create a nice chunk of gold for your toon to run around and spend.

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Here is a breakdown of each section:

World of Warcraft Gold Seller Reviews

This section I guess obviously gives reviews for the different World of Warcraft gold sellers that have been reviewed. If you would like to let us know about your gold buying experience feel free to email us at webmaster(at) and you might see your review on this site!

World of Warcraft Guide Reviews

This section is a brand new section just added to the site! We have been getting tons of great feedback and a lot of people really wanted reviews of the different paid WoW guides available, so we decided what the heck and have included it here! Check it out and it will continue to grow as more guides are created and reviewed!

World of Warcraft Gold Making Articles

This section will list different articles that show different ways of making gold in WoW. This section is small right now but it will quickly grow as time goes on.

World of Warcraft Videos

This section lists and shows different gold farming video that have been found on the internet, as well as funny WoW videos that will help pass the time. We have plenty of videos here to keep you busy for awhile!

Useful WoW Sites

Check out these great links to other Warcraft resources. Got a WoW site and want to exchange links? Drop us an email at webmaster(at) and we will review your link exchange request!

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